Natraj The Right Choice Kesar Badam Sharbat 750 ml


Natraj The Right Choice Kesar Badam Sharbat 750 ml

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Natraj Sharbat dances on your taste buds, a symphony of exquisite flavors and fragrances, capturing the essence of summer in a single sip. Make your summers ‘cooler’ with Natraj Sharbats!

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NATRAJ The Right Choice Sharbat is the Soul Refreshing summer drink made with special distillation process which makes it very tasty and healthy .It has cooling properties which gives immense freshness and energy in burning summer. Brilliant formula, fragrance, special flavor, cooling effect and other properties are the reason for the reliable base of this drink. Great taste and even better components make it a perfect choice! It is also helpful in blood purifying and that make our skin clean and full of glow. Add this refreshing drink in cold milk, cold water, kheer, kulfi, curd, lassi etc. or just top it up on vanilla ice-cream and some roasted nuts and get ready to dig in.

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