Natraj The Right Choice Sharbat-E-Faulad 750 ml


Natraj The Right Choice Sharbat-E-Faulad 750 ml

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NATRAJ THE RIGHT CHOICE SHARBAT-E-FAULAD SHARBAT reduces weakness, helps improve functioning of liver and proves effective in anaemia. is one of the best thirst-quenchers available in the market. It is a healthy drink and is flavoursome. It has the taste that shouldn’t be missed. GRAB YOURS TODAY! Summers is a time everyone seems exhausted and dehydrated due to the scorching heat. Itsits not just our environment getting heated up, but our body gets warm too. In such situations, our Sharbats come to rescue. Chemical free – Natural Immunity Booster drink – Optimum purity – Super Refreshing & Tasty Thirst Quencher- Flavoursome Taste- High in Vitamin C- Suitable for kids & adults both Country of Origin: India These beverages helps soothe your nerves, quench your thirst and re-energize you for a hot tough day. A perfect drink to kick start a long summer day, nothing works better than a glass of chilled sharbat. RECOMMENDATIONS: Add this refreshing drink in cold milk, ice ball, cold water, kheer, kulfi, curd, lassi etc. or just top it up on vanilla ice-cream and some roasted nuts and get ready to dig in.


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