Natraj The Right Choice Ragi Ka Atta/Ragi Flour 1kg

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Natraj The Right Choice Ragi Ka Atta/Ragi Flour 1kg – finger millet flour (/Kezhvaragu/Mandua/Ragula/NachniMandia/Taidalu/Kodra) Rich in Protein & Calories

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Ragi atta, also known as finger millet flour, is a nutritious and versatile staple in Indian cuisine. Made from grinding the tiny, nutrient-dense ragi grains, this atta is a rich source of calcium, iron, and fibre. With a nutty flavour and coarse texture, ragi atta is commonly used to make wholesome flatbreads like ragi mudde, ragi roti, and dosas. It can also be incorporated into porridges, laddoos, and other traditional sweets and savouries. This 1kg pack of ragi atta is perfect for those looking to add more millets to their diet. Ragi is gluten-free and has a low glycemic index, making it a great choice for diabetics and those following a weight-loss diet. To get the most out of this atta, combine it with other flours like wheat or rice for a softer texture. With its numerous health benefits and versatility, ragi atta is a must-have in every Indian kitchen.

Nutritious Grain: Ragi atta is a highly nutritious and fibre-rich finger millet flour, packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

Traditional Staple: A staple in many Indian households, ragi atta is widely used for making ragi mudde, ragi roti, and other traditional dishes.

Gluten-Free: Being a naturally gluten-free grain, ragi atta is a suitable option for those following a gluten-free diet.

Versatile Flour: Ragi atta can be used for baking, making dosas, idlis, and various other recipes, adding a nutty flavour and texture.

Healthy Choice: With its low glycemic index, ragi atta helps regulate blood sugar levels, making it a healthy choice for diabetics.


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Natraj The Right Choice Ragi Ka Atta/Ragi Flour 1kg
300.00 Incl. Tax
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